Bobby Hall Jr

Frontend Developer
Specializing in React, Typescript, Tailwindcss, RESTful Services/API's, Responsive Design, Git, Web Accessiblity

Welcome !!! 🎉 ✌🏽

I'm a frontend / full stack developer with:

  • 5 years of experience working with modern frontend technologies
  • 4 years working with backend technologies such as Node.js, Python, Building/Consuming API's and working with SQL/Databases.

I was previously a Support Engineer at Shippo. Now I am looking for a new role at a company with new challenges.

From a self-taught coder to leading tech teams, my career journey took flight after conquering a demanding bootcamp. The challenges of being self-taught didn't deter me; instead, they fueled my hunger to find a company that truly pushed my boundaries.

Growing up in a challenging neighborhood instilled in me a relentless drive for a better life. This, coupled with my passion for crafting innovative ideas and aiding others, forms the backbone of my motivation. As a frontend developer, my unique strength lies not only in technical skills but in deciphering user needs at a strategic level.

What sets me apart? It's not just about the code. I've got this knack for looking at a product and seeing it from the user's big picture. So yeah, as a frontend dev, I'm not just pushing pixels – I'm turning dreams into digital reality. Let's catch up sometime and swap tech tales!

Additional Info

Some of my strengths
  • 5+ years experience building user interfaces with HTML and CSS.

  • 4+ years experience building responsive, component-based web apps with modern JavaScript frameworks. (e.g., React, Next.js)

  • Excellent communication skills, able to collaborate with remote teams, share ideas and present concepts effectively.

  • Extensive experience with CSS frameworks. (e.g., Tailwindcss, Material-UI, Ant Design, BootStrap)

  • A broad Understanding of API design, REST and GraphQL principles.

  • Experience working with SQL databases and designing schemas.

  • Experience with cloud services. (e.g., AWS, AWS Amplify)

  • Experience in the deployment of production-quality scalable software.

  • Experience with UX Design principles and tools. (e.g., Figma)

  • Experience leading small remote development teams.

Some of my weaknesses
  • High level thinker. I may have to review the low level details a couple times.

  • Usually unorganized. But productive! I organize weekly.

Favorite Hobbies
  • I like playing the guitar and making music.

  • I love going on adventures with my son!

  • I've always had an entrepreneurial attitude so coming up with buiness ideas based on problems I see in the world is always fun.

Fun facts about me
  • I'm vegan

  • Built a tiny house out of a shipping container

  • Doubled my income in 2 years